Portland 2009 Street of Dreams: Whatever Happend To?

This years Street of Dreams is billed as having houses under $1,000,000 in Northwest Portland.  Last year’s show was nine condo units in the Pearl District.  Whatever happened to them?  The three Waterfront Pearl units were taken off the market when the building was turned over to the lender in a Deeded in Lieu of Foreclosure action.  I could only find one of the three units in RMLS (builders/developers often put a selection of units, not all units, into RMLS).  Two of the units have sold and four remain on the market.

2009 Portland Street of Dreams Listings

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  1. I’ll work on it. There appears to be one active listing. Original list price $2.2M, currently $1,499,900. The rest look to have sold though I will have to check to see if that includes the one that was down the street.

  2. What we tried to share is that it’s interesting how these street of dreams end up as flops. Same issue with many here in Southwest Washington. I understand downsizing the prices is a must, but the question still remains, in this economy why have them?

  3. Timing is everything. Construction of a luxury home takes more than a year from beginning to end. Construction of a high rise condo takes even longer. The 2007 and 2008 homes were conceived at the peak of the market. In retrospect, that didn’t pan out. They were never intended to highlight the run of the mill. People pay to view these homes for a reason. They didn’t build new units for 2009, they were already there.

  4. Quick correction- just fixed the title of the post to 2009 Street of Dreams. I had mistakenly put 2008.

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