NW 23rd Construction- Shops are open

NW 23rd is closed in both directions for three weeks:

  • Beginning Monday, February 8, NW 23rd will be closed to all traffic between Everett and Glisan.
  • NW Flanders will be closed at NW 23rd.
  • Traffic will not be allowed to cross NW 23rd at Flanders.
  • NW Flanders between 22nd and 23rd and between 23rd and 24th will be open for local access only.
  • For destinations on NW Flanders between 23rd and 24th, motorists must approach from NW Westover via West Burnside and 23rd Place.

The street, hit hard by the economy, faces even tougher times in the following weeks as sewer and road improvements take place. For us, I walked down there this morning to take these pictures, this is a reminder to get out and support our local services even more. For the rest of Portland, it is reminder that the lights are on and there is somebody home. People are much more apt to venture out in the summer months and wander the streets but if everyone waits until then some of the lights may be out for good.

NW 23rdAV (av, not ave) has its own website but it is currently under construction. The NW 23rd Av FaceBook fan page has 470+ members and appears to be active with local business posting offers and events.


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  1. I lived in Oregon as a kid. this picture makes me miss the crisp air. It’s never below 65 here in Hawaii.

    i hope those businesses can make it with construction going on that long. Support your local businesses!

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