Oregonian Article on Street Trees and Real Estate

Last Friday, The Oregonian ran an article that I was interviewed for regarding street trees in Portland.

In part, Matthew Preusch writes:

Any Portlander who has ever strained at a rake in fall or tripped over an uplifted sidewalk knows about the costs associated with street trees, those growing in the grassy strips between the sidewalk and the street. But their benefits, the shade they provide and storm runoff they prevent, are harder to put a dollar value on.

Donovan, a forest economist for the U.S. Forest Service in Portland, recently published a study that did just that, estimating how much street trees can raise home prices.

The answer: $7,000.

After surveying thousands of street trees in 2007 at east Portland homes, Donovan and his co-author, David Butry of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, found that, all things being equal, the average tree increases the value of the home it’s in front of by thousands.

The sidebar story is interesting too:

Tree rebate

Portlanders who plant trees on their property can get a rebate from the city of as much as $50 for native tree species.

Go to portlandonline.com/bes/treebates to download the form on the Bureau of Environmental Services Web site to get the rebate credit on your utility bill. The site also has details on what trees are eligible (yard trees only, maximum of 10 per property) and minimal tree sizes, as well as tips for how and where to plant trees.

May 1: deadline to file receipts and treebate form

Additional information: Erica Timm, the city’s treebate program manager, at 503-823-5729.

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  1. A $50 rebate is enough in most cases to fully recover the cost of a tree purchased at a home improvement store or nursery. The one benefit not stated was the additional privacy offered to a row of trees in front of a home.

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