Real Estate Inventory is Seasonal

[graphs and text updated 11:50AM 2.18.10 thanks to an astute reader]

RMLS Historic Inventory

In my post yesterday about January’s 2010 RMLS Market Action report I said that I would go back through previous reports to see if there was a trend in inventory levels between January and the previous December.  There is a seasonal New Years Inventory Spike (NYIS).  Every year since 1999, there has been an increase.  The smallest increase was between 2002 and 2003 (12%).  The NYIS had a higher unit increase this year compared to last year but the percentage increase was lower last year.

It’s still a large increase, even historically, but put in context it is to be expected.  The optimists or pessimists might not want to hang their hat on it as it is just a part of the analysis of our real estate market.

RMLS Historic Inventory graph

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  1. The 2009-2010 increase is 64%, not 39%:

    Inventory increase 4.9 from 7.7

    4.9/7.7 = 64%

    All the others need to be corrected too.

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