Miapolis Proposed as World’s Tallest Building

miapolis-statsStranded on an island in Miami?  You may survive.  Our friends at EarthTechling.com wrote about the proposed Miapolis in Miami.  It would be the world’s tallest building.  What does that mean in Portland terms?  The 3200′ LEED Platnum building (according to the Miapolis homepage) would be roughly six times the height of the US Bancorp Tower:

The US Bancorp Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Portland, Oregon. It stands at 536 feet (163 m) with 42 floors. The building has nearly 1.1 million square feet (69,000 m²) of office space inside, making it the largest office building in Oregon in terms of volume, and the second tallest building in Oregon, with only the Wells Fargo Center exceeding its height.”  (Wikipedia)

The highest point in Portland is rough 1000 feet above the Willamette River!

The proposed tower has 1050 condo units.  According to RMLS, there are a total of 278 active condo units in the 97209 zip code which encompasses the Pearl District.



It is a building-wide solution for safe evacuation of tenants and quick transporting of rescue personnel to elevated floors.

The system is an array of five collapsible cabins permanently stored on the roof in a folded position. Upon deployment, the cabins array is lowered to the ground, it then unfolds, enabling emergency responders to board the cabin.

It travels upwards until it stops opposite five elevated floors simultaneously, enabling 150 occupants to enter through specially configured exit windows.  The array is then lowered to the ground and tenants exit as it refolds.

Guess it beats taking the stairs.

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