Portland Property Tax Scam Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about a property tax reduction scam that is being investigated by the state’s attorney general.  For $189.00 the letter says they will file for a reduction on your behalf.  So what is involved in filing for a reduction (note that this is not tax or legal advice).  Google sends us to this Board of Property Tax Appeal 2009-2010 Real Property Petition.  You may be able to find the most current tax year forms here in the future.

Property Tax PetitionThe major indicator that the offer might be a scam is found on the first and fourth page of the form: appeals had to be filed by December 31, 2009 for the tax year?

The second potential issue is the list of people that can file and attend the hearing (attending the hearing is optional).  A third party firm out of California is not on the list unless they can fit into this description: “This includes Oregon licensed CPAs or PAs, or PAs from another state who have proof of substantial equivalency authorization from Oregon.”  Attorneys, CPA, real estate brokers and tax professionals are on the list of non-family members that may represent the owner.

The form is two pages plus some supporting documentation.

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  1. I’ve been wondering if our own real estate taxes in Colorado Springs might be a scam. We have homes selling for less than the tax-assessed value…then see taxes increase the next year. I suppose if the government does it, though, it still might be a scam…just a legal one!

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