South Waterfront’s John Ross Units go to Auction

Rumors started a couple of weeks that units in the John Ross might be coming.  They are.  KGW reported this morning and Ryan Frank at the Oregonian wrote yesterday that the John Ross is following in the footsteps of  the Atwater Place auction and going to auction on April 11th.


The Mirabella, a senior community, looks like it has topped out to the north of the John Ross.  It is obscured by the Meriwether Condo in this photo, taken from the Willamette River, but now that it is at full height, potential John Ross buyers will be able to confirm their view corridor when looking towards downtown.

Real estate auctions aren’t new but are becoming more prevalent in the Portland Real Estate Market.  This will be the second high rise auction we’ve seen in the last six months and REDC and other firms have held (primarily) single family home auctions.

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