Home Buyer Tax Credit By The Numbers

The Home Buyer Tax Credit expires tomorrow:

  • $8000- amount that qualified first time home buyers are eligible for
  • $6500- amount that qualified repeat home buyers are eligible for
  • $7500- amount that first time buyers were eligible for in the first version (which must be repaid)
  • 85- votes by Senate in November 2009 to extend the Credit
  • 2- votes against (it was bundled with an unemployment plan)
  • $12,600,000,000- amount claimed through February (source New York Times)
  • 1,800,000- number of people who have claimed the Home buyer Tax Credit through February
  • 36- hours, as of posting this, until Credit expires
  • $43,000- amount cited on Calculated Risk as to cost  to government for each home sold that would have not sold without the Credit
  • 61- number of days to close a tax credit eligible sale after April 30th (June 30th)
  • 4,180,000- number of results on Google for “Homebuyer Tax Credit”

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