How Long is Your Portland Commute?

Usually when we ask clients about their desired commute it is phrased something like, “Not more than 10 miles” or “less than 30 minutes.”  So how about 650 miles?  The Wall Street Journal has a story today about Bay Area-ites moving to both Portland and Seattle while keeping their jobs down there.  In their cases it is often not so much access to downtown that is important but access to PDX.

We’ve had clients do just that.  One did move back to the Bay Area after owning two homes in Portland but others still live here and perform the same jobs that they did before making the move.

San Francisco’s median home value in late February was $691,600, compared with $362,800 for Seattle and $236,100 for Portland, according to real-estate site Zillow Inc. San Francisco’s median home price increased 1.1% over the past year, while the average price fell 7.1% in Seattle and 9.9% in Portland, according to Zillow.

In January, the Case Shiller Index for San Francisco was 135, Seattle 145, and Portland 147.  The base for all three cities is 100 set in January 2000.

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