2010 Street of Dreams May Update

There are now four houses under construction on NW Cresap Lane, the home of the 2010 Portland Street of Dreams.  KGW’s Joe Smith’s television news clip isn’t online but the story is.  In part:

“We’re building the first ever leed Street of Dreams house,” said Randy Sabastian, owner of Renaissance Homes. This is Sabastian’s seventh year in the show.

“In years past, like a lot of builders, we pushed the envelope and a lot of our homes went for two and two and half million dollars, obviously the market for that is quite subdued,” said Sabastian.

The four homes sitting high atop Forest Heights off Skyline Rd. range from 3,000 to 4,100 square feet. Prices are also reflective of the market, from $780,000 to $1.5 million. This is about half the price of past Street of Dreams homes.

When I visited the site last month, the trusses for this home were just arriving on a truck.  There’s been a lot of progress since then:

There was a work truck parked in the spot that I’ve taken the previous panoramic photos from before so I don’t have a comparison shot this month.  The rest of photos are on the photoblog.

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