Residential Real Estate Left Out of Redevelopment Projects?

The Burnside Bridgehead is moving forward without residential real estate in the mix as reported by the Portland Business Journal this week.  “The new plan taking shape emphasizes action and jobs, not condominiums, office towers and big box retailers.”  The revised, lower cost project reflects neighborhood sentiment and economic reality [Skyscraperpage.com forum on the subject].

Will the Rose Quarter Development Project do the same?  The first stage of project focuses on the Rose Quarter [timeline PDF].  The second stage, beginning in July will address the Rose Quarter.

Back in 2006, there was talk of a condo tower in the Rose Quarter area.  The tower would require planning and zoning exceptions but where there is a will (and money) there is often a way.  The Portland Tribune article is worth a read as it looks at the Rose Quarter history and future from a 2006  perspective.

PDC Rose Quarter Delvelopment Map
PDC Rose Quarter Development Map

There are three proposals in the running for the Memorial Coliseum (read the other concepts here):

Jumptown is the Winterhawks/Blazers proposal. Their website encompasses the entire Rose Quarter and does mention residential real estate as part of their vision.  The other two proposals are Memorial Coliseum specific so not a fair comparison as the omission or inclusion.

Would you want to live around the Rose Garden?  The streetcar line scheduled to open April 2012 should help connect the area with the rest of Portland.

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