Burning Down the House: Oregon Style

EPA Wood Burning Stove Certification LocationOn August 1st a new real estate law will come into effect aimed at helping the environment: non-certified wood burning stoves must be removed from a home prior to closing (or within 30 days if the buyer is taking responsibility).  How do you know if your stove is certified?  If it was manufactured before 1998, it probably isn’t.  The only proof of certification is the EPA sticker or manufacturer proof that the make and model of your stove is certified from the EPA’s list of certified wood stoves.

Oregon DEQ has a fact sheet about the new wood burning stove law on their website.  There is a section for both buyers and sellers.

Some stoves are exempt, including pellet stoves (check the list on the link).  If the stove has to be removed, it has to be destroyed by an entity that will provide you with  a receipt which will then be turned over to the DEQ as proof.  You can remove and haul it yourself to a scrap yard or have it removed.  You can’t put it on Craigslist.  There will be an additional disclosures as well in the real estate transaction.

Buyer’s purchasing real estate between now and August 1st need to be aware that the new law could have an impact when they go to sell.  Legal now will not be legal then.  This is a follow up to a previous post about the new law.

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