What Portland Public School Will My Student Attend?

*** Updated 6/23/10- See below
Portland Public Schools Proposed 2011-2012 boundriesWhat Portland schools will your kids go to school next year?  The year after that?  When we ask clients what their new home must include, “good schools” is more often than not part of the answer.  Even without kids, buyers understand that when they becomes sellers their buyer may have schools on their mind.  There’s always been the caveat that school boundaries can change but this year it looks like there will be a major shake up with either a major boundary realignment, the closure of Jefferson High School or both.  Portland Public Schools.

The superintendent’s proposal is on the right. This a proposal, not a done deal.  The school board has put closing Jefferson High School on the table.

Portland Public Schools has always had a great tool on their website for determining which schools a student will go to.  There are two versions now:

What school will my child attend 2011-2012 proposed

What school will my child attend 2010-2011

The biggest change if Jefferson High School remains open will be that some of the close in southeast schools will feed into Lincoln High School in northwest.  The map highlights the differences from the current map.  If Jefferson closes, the alignments will be completely different.

To reiterate, these are all proposals and have not been finalized in any way.

At last Thursday’s school board meeting hundreds of Jefferson students attended the meeting to speak out against the closure of their school. The working session was canceled because numerous board members were absent but speakers were heard before the meeting adjourned. At last night’s meeting, the topic of school closure was tabled with a decision to be made later in the summer.

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