Portland Street of Dreams July 23rd Update

Cresap Summit, the 2010 Portland Street of Dreams site, is such a busy place right now that I had to park in Macleay Overlook and walk down the path to NW Cresap Lane.  Macleay Overlook is home to the detached condo that is a part of the show.

Spade and Archer Design Agency are putting the final staging touches in Renaissance Homes’ “The Graduate”.  The decorating is a mix of staging and the new owner’s personal requests; the portraits are not of the new owners!  The media room equipment is also being installed.  The landscapers have their work cut out as most of the plantings are still in pots but with number of people on the it should be a less daunting task.

Just a week remains until the grand opening event, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. One neat feature of the charity event is that it benefits multiple charities and you can choose which one your proceeds go to.

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