Show Time! Portland Street of Dream Pictures.

The 2010 Portland Street of Dreams kicks off tonight with the Midsummer’s Night Dream charity event. I decided that on the day of opening night my presences wasn’t going to help the cause taking pictures of the last minute touches. Instead, I thought we’d look back at some of the pictures I’ve taken since January.  I’ve made about 15 trips up to NW Cresap Lane since I started this series.  This link is to all the  2010 Street of Dreams posts I have written over the last eight months.

I’d encourage you to head up to the site see how it turned out.  The flavor of the show has changed to reflect the times.  There’s only one home priced over $1,ooo,ooo.  There’s a detached condominium and an Idea Box prefab home.  The main parking for the show is at the corner of NW Skyline and NW Cornell Rd.  Tickets are $14 online and $15 at the door.  There is a $3 discount if you have the appropriate discount code.  Tickets are $1 during non-peak hours and they are open 11AM – 9PM.  We’re going on Tuesday so will report back after that.

Panoramic View of 2010 Portland Street of Dreams Site in January

May 2010 Street of Dreams Picture
Under Construction in May
May 2010 Street of Dreams
May 2010 Constuction Progress
Renaissance Homes' "The Graduate" July 9th
Renaissance Homes 2010 Street of Dreams House
"The Graduate" March 31st

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