South Waterfront Closer Evolving into Neighborhood

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the South Waterfront’s Elizabeth Caruthers Park is THIS THURSDAY, AUGUST 19th, from 5:30-8:30.  It’s an important step forward for an area that has struggled to bring services to its condo tower residents.  The Meriwether Condominiums opened in 2006.  Residents at the time knew it was going to take a number of years to grow from construction site to neighborhood but a struggling real estate market slowed or stopped some of the commercial development and services from moving in.  Now that occupancy rates are growing we’ll hopefully see renewed investment and interest in the area.

The park is named for Elizabeth Caruthers, a pioneer woman who was one of the early settlers in the southern part of the young city. In 1847, Elizabeth Caruthers and her son, Finice, came to Oregon from the east, and through the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850, claimed the 640-acre section of land on which the park is located. SW and SE Caruthers Streets and Caruthers Creek in Marquam Gulch also reflect the family’s prominence in the early history of Portland.

[photo and quote from PortlandOnline]

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  1. Long week last week. Decided that I would skip the rest of the following week. Yes, it is AUGUST 19th.

  2. This is good news. I like to hear that areas are starting to develop again, despite the current economic situation we are in across the U.S.

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