Today Show Rent or Buy

The Today Show ran a segment on rent versus buy this morning. Portland gets mention, not as a buy town but as one of the best places to rent (attributed to Trulia).  Overall, it presents a balanced view of the considerations, pluses and minuses of the two choices.

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Today show reasons to buy Today show reasons to rent

3 Comments on “Today Show Rent or Buy

  1. “Option to live in a nice ‘hood”…I don’t get it. I can rent in a much nicer hood than I could afford to buy into.

    As for “forced savings for retirement” I agree as long as you buy within your means and don’t dip into the equity for toys…I think there are plenty of folks who did just the opposite over the previous decade. And I can be example #1 for not buying w/in your means! Lessons learned….

  2. In a city like Portland I would assume buying would make sense more so than rent as it has a fairly high density and lack of sprawl. Those cities tend to rebound quicker than sprawly southern California type cities like Phoenis? To lock in a 30 year mortgage in a higher priced city makes a great deal of sense. I am not familiar with the Portland market but it would seem to be more of a buy than rent city from the outside looking in.

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