Serious Sunday Real Estate Humor, sort of.

There have been some pretty funny text to video movies produced for real estate over last few months.  From a sarcastic view of the short sale process to some outright profane conversations between an agent and their potential client.

Can text to video be used with a more serious real estate application?  Regular readers will recognize the content of the video, it’s a replication of the post I wrote on heat oil tanks last week.

This is the first attempt at using the product so we’d love your feedback.

3 Comments on “Serious Sunday Real Estate Humor, sort of.

  1. It seems to me that you should have placed the individual in the context of the topic at hand.

  2. I hear you. I think it might be hard to find a stage that would be real estate specific. It might be possible to create on or have one created but before doing that it would be important to determine the “if you build it will they come?” question.

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