Happy New Years and Happy Birthday

HouseToday is the first business day of 2011 but we have already been busy with showings, offers and open houses.  We’re looking forward to building on 2010 which was our most successful year to date.  We’re now the Turner Realtors Team, Inc. at Prudential Northwest Properties  Incorporating our business is the next logical step as we grow.

Not every moment of 2010 was perfect; some of it was tragic.  We had a seller eventually lose their home to foreclosure after a buyer who signed closing documents on Friday for a Monday recording died over the weekend.  Another client’s dreams are on hold after the buyer of the home failed to qualify in final underwriting.  They were packed and ready to move into their new home.  We’ll work through the second issue  but the first is over.  Real estate always comes down to the final written word, not what is said or promised.

The Portland Real Estate Blog turned six on Saturday.  903 posts ago I wrote a description of who we are.  The blog remains what I hope is a source of information and education about the Portland real estate market for both the public and Realtors alike.  This isn’t the place to find out about local farmers markets, high school football schedules or ski conditions; all important things but not proper Portland Real Estate Blog material.

To that end, I’m not resolving to write x number of posts per week or month.  I’ve been at this long enough to know that writing when there is something interesting to say is better than writing to appease the Google gods.  If I have something to say or that is important I’ll say it (which reminds me: today is the last day to appeal your Multnomah County property taxes).

Our Facebook page continues to grow at a slow but steady rate.  Again, I’m not concerned with the number of fans we have- quality over quantity.  I’m more likely to post a real estate tidbit over there than creating a post here.

Have a great New Year!

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