Free Portland Real Estate?

Photoshopped house of Adzookie ad campaignFree Portland real estate?  There has to be a catch.  Of course there is.  Adzookie wants to paint your house (the picture to the right is from their site and is a mock-up).  You don’t get to choose the colors as your home is now a billboard.  Reported by CNNMoney.com yesterday, Adzookie posted an online application and promptly had over 1000 respondents.  According to their site:

We’re looking for houses to paint. In fact, paint is an understatement. We’re looking for homes to turn into billboards. In exchange, we’ll pay your mortgage every month for as long as your house remains painted

Can’t wait to have the paint crew on your doorstep?  A little due diligence might be in order.  The City of Portland has jurisdiction over signage:


Sign Permits:
Required for installing new permanent signs and for structurally altering or relocating existing permanent signs on private property. Except for certain portable signs, private signs are prohibited in street right-of-ways. Some private signs may project from a building into the street right-of-way. Indirect lighting (wall washing or backlit) for a sign requires a separate electrical permit. Types of signs include freestanding, monument, projecting, signs on awning, fascia/wall, painted wall/adhered, pitched roof and marquee. Signs are regulated by size (total area), height, placement, construction and wiring. Electrical components within a sign such as internal or neon lighting are covered by the sign permit, but to connect to it an electrical permit is required for the sign circuit. See section 32.32.010 for the sign standards in the residential and open space zones and section 32.32.020 for sign standards in the commercial, employment and industrial zones.
Clicking though on the standards for residential and open space zones it looks like there may be a roadblock to this taking off in Portland.
If codes and regulation allow it, would you do it?


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  1. I love this idea! Perfect for those “homes on busy streets” that used to be turned into Day-Care Centers and Retirement homes.

    In fact, KEEP it as a Day-care or retirement home and cut your real estate costs.

    Out of adversity comes opportunity!

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