Friday Portland Real Estate Facts

As of right now:

  • there are 4277 residential properties for sale in Portland
  • 354 of those are bank owned
  • 783 of the 4277 active listings are short sales
  • 3103 of the listings are detached, single family house
  • 848 of the listings are condos
  • there are 1291 pending sales
  • there are 249 active listing priced under at or under $100,000
  • there are 149 homes for sale priced at or over $1,000,000
  • the most expensive home in Portland is listed at $6,900,000
  • the most expensive condo listed for sale is $3,750,000 (the entire penthouse floor of the Envoy Condominiums)
  • there a no dome houses for sale but there are two log homes ($349,000 and $927,000)
  • there are 13 properties, two of which are condos, for sale with at least a 6 car garage

Note: unless specified this includes all properties listed as “residential” in RMLS in “Portland” when searched through Prudential Northwest Properties Client Connect system.  Manufactured homes, including those in parks, floating homes, condos and detached houses are included.


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  1. There a zillion real estate reports. This one is also interesting and mirrors many of the others.

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