Got Trash, Portland? Meet the Bagster

Waste Management Bagster PickupGot trash?  The Bagster might be your solution.  For all intensive purposes the Bagster is a 8′ x 4′ x 30″ dumpster that would fit under your bed when not is use.  Load it with up to 3300 pounds of just about anything nonhazardous and call to have it picked up.

Amazon sells the Bagster for $29.99 and if you can’t wait to start dumping Lowes and Home Depot carry them.  Waste Management picks up the first bag for $129 and each additional bag for $103.  The two bags pictured below look like they could easily be consolidated into one (though you can’t fill over the rim of the bag).  A mixed waste covered load weighing the Bagsters maximum of 3300 pounds dumped at Metro would cost $153 and you have to have the means of getting it there and unloading it.  The bag is single use and not returned so you’ve really got a fixed cost of $160 for the Bagster versus a minimum charge at the dump of $25 for the first 400 pounds. The smallest dropbox Cloudburst Recycling offers is six cubic yards compared to the Bagster’s three cubic yards.

The Bagster isn’t waterproof so it won’t double as a low priced swimming pool.  Additionally filled to the rim with water it would weigh 5043 pounds.  You’d have a hard time explaining to your downhill neighbor why their living room is flooded.

The Bagster Dumpster by Waste Management

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