2011 Portland Street of Dreams Photos

I was somewhere near the neighborhood so decided to take a walk around the 2011 Portland Street of Dreams site on SW 155th Terrace off of Bull Mountain Rd.  With only a couple of weeks until show time there is a lot of activity.  The street has 16 lots.  There are two houses that are completed and have signs outside saying that they are occupied.  Then there are the five show homes, one of which has a SOLD sign on it.  The other four homes are listed for sale.

Portland Real Estate Blog: 2011 Portland Street of Dreams

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  1. I’m wondering where does the forniture go after the Street of Dreams? Does anyone know? I heard it goes on sale for extremely low price after that event.

  2. I think the answer depends. Some of the houses use staging companies that own their own furniture. When it is done a the show it will be moved out and warehoused for staging homes for sale. I know that in some instances the houses that have presold have been staged with furniture that eventually becomes part of the sale.

  3. There is a furniture sale at the Street of Dreams on Tuesday the 6th from noon to 6:30.

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