2011 Portland Street of Dreams Report

I attended Realtor Day at the Street of Dreams on Tuesday.  Before we get to the houses on The Street, it should be noted that the parking at SW 144th and Bull Mountain Rd. is pretty rough terrain and very dusty.  I was glad I was driving the SUV and not the low-to-the-ground sedan.  Buses run every few minutes to the homes on SW 155th Terrace.  I did notice one enterprising homeowner charging $5 for parking a couple of blocks from 155th.  Parking is free in the official lot.

Kitchen Cabinetry in Brentwood Homes' "Con Amore"The homes are an impressive example of making more from less. Though gone are the days multi-million dollar homes there are always new ideas and features we haven’t seen before.  The airbrushed cabinetry in Brentwood Homes’ “Con Amore” are very striking.  I’m not sure that I’d want to live with them and would be in constant fear of damaging them but I like the way the theme was carried out throughout the house and not just in the kitchen.

I liked the way that Pahlisch Homes put an oversized door on the third door of the garage without it looking out of place.  I wasn’t so wild about the unenclosed urinal at the back of it.  “Howdy neighbor.”  The floor plan shows that it would take a fourth car tandem in that bay.  The outdoor kitchen and living area is very pretty.

For me, Arbor Custom Homes’ “Chateaux Marseille” was the favorite.  It had the right combination of features and layout that made it my personal winner, though I didn’t like the way the ADU was incorporated into the outdoor living space. My general impression is that an ADU should neither be seen or heard.  All of the houses in the show have attached ADU and I think Dreambuilder Custom Homes did the best job of incorporating that into their floor plan in the “Koderra.”

It’s been four days since I was there and I am having a bit of a hard time separating what home had what features.  Probably partially a commentary on me but also indicative of  what happens when we look at a lot of homes at once.  By the time we show home number ten or so in a day it gets hard to remember which house was which when we start discussing them later.

2011 Portland Street of Dreams Report | Presented by the Turner Realtors Team

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