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Traffic notwithstanding it takes about twenty minutes to get to Portland International Airport from downtown Portland.  Its convenient  proximity to so much of Portland also means that flight paths can be disruptive.  Though the majority of takeoffs and departures run along the Columbia River, that isn’t always the case.  The cool factor of living on the river near the airport can be tempered at times by aircraft noise.  Figuring out flight paths isn’t as easy as looking for railroad tracks.  There are currently 76 residential homes and condos for sale north of Columbia BLVD and between Interstates 5 and 205.

www.PortlandMaps.com has some static maps that show flight information under the “noise” tab under specific address searches.  There is an airport zone that restricts building and tree height.  The Port of Portland has a noise management department and a flight tracker that shows what flight paths are being used in a nearly-live format (either the clock is off two hours or it is delayed by that amount).  You can go back in time and watch at an accelerated pace to see what flight paths look like over time.

Port of Portland Flight Tracker
Click on map to go to tracker.

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