Mirgration Helps Portland Real Estate

Interactive maps make me happy which makes this a happy post.  MetroTrends has a nifty interactive map that show migration to and from the 100 largest metro areas.  Relocation to Portland remains strong; over the last ten years Portland has seen a migration inflow.  Seattle is our largest trading partner and we’ve actually exported more residents than we’ve gained from our neighbors to the north.  Californians seem to like it here (I’m one of them) and I think we can understand the allure of Phoenix weather.

Click image to launch interactive map

From the interactive map there is a drop-down box on the upper right side that give more mapping options, including housing prices and rental affordability.

The short term migration forecast for Oregon remain a net positive but the Office of Economic Analysis says:

Slowdown in Oregon’s economy in the recent years resulted in smaller net migration and slow population growth. Estimated population growth and net migration rates in 2011 are the lowest in over two decades. This slow population growth, as a result of slow economy and high unemployment rate, is expected to continue in the near future.

Longer term forecasts show that Oregon will add over 1.4 million people between 2015 and 2040.

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  1. I agree… these maps are fascinating. Having relocated to Seattle from Austin last year, I’m surprised so many people are migrating to Texas. I left because of the relentless heat! Glad to be a new resident of the Pacific Northwest!

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