Street of Dreams meets London Shard

What does the London Shard, pictured here to the left of Tower Bridge, have to do with the 2012 Portland Street of Dreams?  Very little, but as a comparison, you could by EVERY house in this year’s show four (maybe five) times over and still have money left over to fill all the garage spaces with luxury cars.  One of the condo units will set you back a cool £40M.  That converts out to about $60M.  The building is the tallest in Europe, cost over $2 billion to build, and has an observation deck on the 72nd floor (Portland City Grill is on the 30th floor of the US Bank Building).

It’s not lost on me that I still owe my review of the Street of Dreams from last week’s visit.

4 Comments on “Street of Dreams meets London Shard

  1. Today we attempted to visit the Street of Dreams. I say attempted because we left after viewing only two homes. The terrain of the street is very difficult with the steepness and angles. This is not a walking neighborhood and very physically challenging. We met many on the ‘shuttle’ bus that had the same problem and were disappointed they had to cut their tour short as well. We feel a refund should have been in order.

  2. That’s interesting and valid feedback. The Street is pretty steep and I hadn’t really considered that previously. At least one of the houses had an elevator (not available for show use) but it’s probably not really useful to the people that really need it if the rest of the street is that unfriendly. Did you ask for a refund and get denied?

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