FHA Bridal Registry Gift Funds No More

Gift miniature house with red ribbon and key isolated - Including clipping pathA few weeks ago I found a reference to an 1997 HUD directive for the creation of FHA Bridal Registry Gift Fund accounts.  Google was little help in uncovering what the in-and-outs about the program.  There are lots of references to it on Realtor websites, recent blog posts and the like but not one of them actually provided a real case example.  I couldn’t find a mortgage broker who knew anything about it.  Since the directive asks that lenders register with their local HUD office, I contacted HUD.  HUD suggested I contacted FHA directly.  FHA says the program is no more.  Any current reference to it would be inaccurate.  But not all is lost. You may not be able to register for a home anymore through this specific program (you should talk to a lender about other options using gift funds), but you can register for a Dodge Dart.

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