Million Dollar Homes in Portland

Remember mixed tapes?  My ex-girlfriend from college made me one that included Barenaked Ladies ‘If I had a Million Dollars” which include the lyrics, “If I had a million dollars / well, I’d buy you a house.”  If you decided to buy a million dollar house in Portland today you’d have a choice of 128 active properties.  That includes all residential properties within Portland city limits.

If you were feeling particularly flush, perhaps you’re the lucky person in Florida who won the PowerBall jackpot, after taxes you could by all 128 properties and still have around $77M to play with!  Portland’s most expensive listing today is $4,995,000 up on Skyline BLVD.

Here’s a link to all the Million dollar homes listed in Portland right now. The properties shown are constantly updated and will vary from the 128 listed as I write.  The ten most expensive are:

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