Air Conditioned Homes in Portland

sb10062782e-001Air conditioning in Portland?  Our heat wave is tapering off to more comfortable conditions but it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of the hot days of summer.

Heading over to our trusty RMLS search we find 717 homes for sale in Portland out of 2151 active listings have central air conditioning (33%).  Digging into the numbers we find it’s an amenity that is price-range driven:
  • 0-$300,000: 941 active listings, 172 with AC; 18%
  • $301,000-$500,000: 610 active listings, 225 with AC; 37%
  • $501,000-$700,000: 270 active listings, 125 with AC; 46%
  • Over $700,000: 326 active listings, 195 with AC; 60%

Thinking about installing AC or servicing what you’ve got?  The link goes to a Google Map for AC in Portland.


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