Reading MLS Numbers

SW Parkhill DrThe MLS (Multiple Listing Service) number is essentially the serial number of a listing.  In RMLS the first two digits denote the year: 13208782 shows that the property was listed in 2013.  So what do the next six numbers tell us?  Absolutely nothing.  The last six digits are randomly assigned.  Up until a couple of years ago listings were assigned sequential numbers.  Low numbers in the series meant the listing was older.  This caused many agents to “refresh” the listing by canceling it and relisting so a new MLS number was assigned  It also reset the Days on Market calculation.  Though the practice of relisting still goes on there is less motivation to do it now.  The second deterrent was the addition of Cumulative Days on Market tracking.  Instead of the days resetting with a new MLS number the days continue accrue unless the property is off the market for at least 30 days.

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