10 Must-Have Home Organization Tips

Whether you’re spring cleaning or just want to make life easier, here are ten home organization tips to make your life easier. These were originally provided through our monthly newsletter (subscribe here to get great tips monthly). With ideas for every room, getting started is easier than ever before.

For the Entire Home:
Tip #1 – Pile Preparation: Start by setting up 4 boxes instead of 3 piles for organizing. Boxes keep things out of the way and aid in keeping your mind focused on organizing. In addition to the traditional three (keep, donate, trash), add a box for things to go through later. This will reduce the urge to get lost in nostalgia or get stuck not knowing where an item should go.

Tip #2 – Vertical Victory: Whether it’s hanging pans from above an island or installing bins for foil, spices, or lids on the inside of cupboard doors, this trick isn’t new. However, consider other areas where vertical space can be utilized such as the inside of a closet door or back of the bathroom door. There are tons of tasteful storage units and shelves that allow unused vertical space to become vital storage spots.

In the Kitchen:
VO57T4JVJU_2Tip #3 – Tabulated Temperature: When considering the placement of kitchen goods, think about their frequency of use in terms of temperatures. “Hot” items – those used most frequently – need to be in close proximity while the “cold” items – those rarely used – can be placed in cupboards accessable with a step ladder or in the back of cupboards lower to the ground.

Tip #4 – Coordinated Cooking: When organizing your kitchen, store items that are used together with one another. For example, your chopping block and knives should be within reaching distance of one another while your baking goods and utensils might form a “baking station.” Storing these items together not only ensures they are easy to find, but that you’re actually likely to use the items you keep.

For the Closet:
Tip #5 – Color & Crate: Organizing by color is a simple and effective fix for many closets. This means grouping hanging clothes by type then color as well as folded items such as sweaters. Even having the same color hangers can make a huge impact. For smaller, packable items like hats, belts, and bags, clearly DTSclothinglabel crates for easy access and stackability without having them out in the open.

Tip #6 – Lustrous Lighting: Dark areas of closets – or missing lighting altogether – makes it all too easy for items to get lost or disorganized. Adding chandelier style lighting to walk-ins or fluorescent overheads to a reach-in closet helps items be seen. You can also add puck lighting to illumate trouble spots, increasing the visibility of your items, which will assist in keeping your spaces more organized.

In the Bathroom:
baskets on wallTip #7 – Baskets are Big: Most items in the bathroom are both daily necessities and something you want tucked away. Using labeledbaskets allows you easy access while reducing the visibility of what cream or toothpaste you use.

Tip #8 – Hidden Hamper: Discretely placing a laundry hamper in the bathroom ensures that the clean, organized place is more likely to stay that way. From towels to clothes, keeping items off the floor and in their proper place makes continued organization both possible and probable.

Bedrooms & Blended Spaces:
Tip #9 – Stamped and Stowed: Simple bins with clear labels can be stowed in unused spaces, keeping items out of the way but easily accessible. These spaces include the floor of hall closets, under beds, and in bedside tables.

Tip #10 – Bookshelves are Boss: From adding spaces to neatly display meaningful knicknacks to spaces where baskets or bins can hold trinkets and non-uniform necessities, bookshelves and wall shelves offer spaces to neatly display items that are used frequently.

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  1. I have my hamper in my bathroom, and it has been great to be able to put my dirty clothes and towels directly in the hamper instead of having to carry it to another room. Now, I actually put my dirty clothes up.

  2. Nice home organization tips are provided to make our life easier. All the tips are really very useful but tips provided for kitchen are very good.

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