February Case Shiller: Solid Growth

The February Case Shiller Index was just released this week. This report covers home price changes over 20 metropolitan areas and always has a 60 day lag.

The latest data shows continued solid growth with a 0.68% monthly change for the Portland Metro. This is higher than the 0.50% increase for the 20 city composite. We are still not on pace for the average 4% since January 2000. However, the rate we’ve averaged in the last three years is just under 10% which shows solid growth for our area. It’s unknown how long this rate will continue. However, we’re

Below is a graph showing the current data for the Portland Metro. I have included the 4% line of expected average growth. As you can see, the recent growth rate is edging us closer to where we would be if the growth had been steady since 2000.




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