7 Staging Tips to Win with Buyers

This Guest Blog was written by the Professional Stagers at Chancellor Designs. Here are their recommended staging tips to help you win with home buyers and help sell your home:

Today’s market moves fast. Buyers expect to either find a “great deal” on a house with some rough edges, or fall madly in love with a move-in ready home. Home Staging gets your home ready to be the latter, making sure that buyers connect emotionally with your home and make a top offer. We focus on the things that increase the market value of your home, setting the stage for love at first sight.

There are seven key areas to get a home ready to win over potential buyers.

1. De-clutter and Organize
Removing extra furniture helps rooms appear more spacious and creates a flow. Also, keeping objects that are not needed for everyday use stored away, rather than displayed on horizontal surfaces, makes a home feel orderly and peaceful for showings. As an added bonus, it will help you with the impending move as you are packing up anyway!

2. Deferred Maintenance, Updates and Repairs
Has that “honey do” list piled up? Now is the time to tackle it. Completing any deferred maintenance ensures that buyers can move right in without hesitation. Consider additional updates that, though relatively inexpensive, add value to your home and get buyers excited, such as new light fixtures, appliances (almost always receive your money back) or a backsplash. If you’re at a loss for inspiration, seek out an expert opinion to get the ball rolling and to help you make the right design choices that will be most appealing to your target audience.

3. Paint
Paint is an inexpensive update with a significant return on investment. A fresh coat of a current neutral color palette makes a room fresh and inviting. Not to mention a crisp paint job creates the feeling of cleanliness. This kitchen feels brand new with just a coat of paint.

Before & After:
IMG_0011 kitchen2

4. Curb Appeal
First impressions speak the loudest. Ensure that the yard is tidy and well-watered. Fresh mulch and flowers go a long way in attracting buyers (another investment almost surely to more than pay for itself). Curb appeal makes potential buyers excited to see the inside of the home and ensure they’ll do more than a quick drive bye without venturing inside. When it comes to home buying, people definitely judge the book by its cover.

5. White Glove Clean
There is no such thing as too clean. Leave no stone (or rug, or toilet or surface) unturned or unwashed. Make sure to pay special attention to all light fixtures, windows, baseboards, etc. This includes both inside and outside. For ideal curb appeal, clean the front door and porch frequently so cob webs don’t accumulate.

6. Room Identity
Make it easy for buyers to visualize their life in their new home. Giving a purpose to each room in the house ensures that buyers do not have to wonder how the room should function or think it as wasted space. This is particularly critical in homes with unique or unconventional floor plans, and is key strength of staging. If you have been baffled by the purpose of a particular room, Chancellor Designs is more than happy to help assign a function and design the room to serve that.

7. Style
Add polish to show off your house and the potential life style. Artful arrangements and well-placed art add perceived value. If you have the means to add fresh flowers or plants, it suggests to buyers that this is attainable for them too. If you don’t know where to start in styling or accessorizing a room, let Chancellor Designs do what we do best. Here are just a few spaces we have transformed.

Before & After:
IMG_0008     IMG_0001IMG_0081     IMG_0026

As you accomplish tasks in a room or area, stand at the entrance to see what first draws your eye. Is it a selling feature? Does this area add value? Or is your eye drawn to clutter or outdated style. The goal is to showcase the best features of your home and help buyers see the potential in the property. At the end of the day, making the first impression a positive one excites buyers to seek other positive aspects that reinforce their initial impression.

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