Home Odor Removal

Does your home have a strong odor problem? If you have pets, smoke or cook aromatic food, it may. If your home has gone through remediation because of fire or flooding, it also might need home odor removal. It’s not something many homeowners want to think about.

Typically when we discuss odor removal, the options include treatments that require a lot of time, money and labor.  Often, the conversation includes removing carpets and the pads under them, sealing with Killz, or the “ozone machine.” Now, there is a new method that might be a viable option.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

A Realtor® friend recently recommended BioSweep® as an option for home odor removal. Their website claims that “Virtually any odor or contaminant can be completely eradicated from any indoor space in one BioSweep® treatment.” This treatment takes about 3-12 hours to complete. During this time, all animals, plants, and people must be removed from the environment. The area is declared odor neutral 72 hours after treatment.

airOzone and hydrogen peroxide are introduced. These elements are detrimental to living tissues, but result in oxygen. This process makes BioSweep® an environmentally responsible option. This process mimics nature taking its course in the matter of hours instead of years. It’s notable that this 5-stage process is reported to handle many scents that other programs leave behind.

The BioSweep® treatment is not just used for odor removal, but also airborne and surface contaminant destruction. Because it kills living cells, it also destroys mold spores. Once a home has been treated, the dead mold spores are captured in the system’s HEPA filtration.

Our team hasn’t had experience with these treatments. So, we can’t vouch for the effectiveness. However, there is a 14-day guarantee that makes it seem worth a try. Have you had experience with this service?


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