History Buffs Who Live in Portland Love Pittock Mansion

Live in Portland and visit Pittock Mansion.A wonderful way for those who live in Portland to learn more about their beloved city is to visit Pittock Mansion. This beautiful piece of architecture that overlooks the city’s skyline was built in 1914 for the Pittock family, a very active and influential family that directly aided in the extensive growth of Portland. Henry Pittock became the owner of the Weekly Oregonian in 1860 and continued on to get a foot in the door with big businesses such as banking, railroads, steamboats, real estate, silver mining, the pulp and paper industry, and sheep ranching. His wife, Georgiana had a big heart and worked hard to help women and children in the community. An avid gardener and flower lover, their Portland property was kept beautifully and Georgiana can be thanked for the annual Rose Festival.

This beautiful home still stands thanks to concerned citizens and is richly decorated with many of the family’s original belongings. It is a great way to step back in time and truly appreciate the labors of the early residents of Portland. Tours are available daily for those who live in Portland and for out of town visitors. Admission is only $10.00 for adults, $9.00 for seniors over 65, $7.00 for children ages 6-18, and free for those under 6. Memberships are also available for individuals and businesses who would like to support this worthy historical structure. Check out Pittock Mansion to find more information and plan a visit.

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