Our Best Tips for Portland Home Shopping in the Fall

Shop for a Portland home in fall.Summer and spring tend to be the most intense seasons for the metro Portland real estate market. Families want to find a new Portland home before the school year starts. Many people find they have more energy during the warmer months. However, buying a home in the fall can be a great idea. Some sellers may have missed out on higher prices and feel pressured to make a deal quickly. There are also fewer people looking, which means there’s less competition and chance of a bidding war.

If you do decide to go Portland home shopping this fall, you should have a checklist to find out how potential houses will cope with our famous rain, especially in the winter. Start with the heater and air conditioner. Be sure to get them inspected to make sure you won’t be shivering in the coming winter or sweltering when summer rolls around.

Since you’re looking around the inside, have a look at the windows. They should open easily and have good seals so you don’t let in the weather. If they’re very old, consider replacing them with modern, high-efficiency models. This can help you save on the heating and cooling bill.

The next thing to check out are the gutters, which should be able to cope with many inches of rain and possible snow. Don’t forget the property’s drainage, either. Standing puddles could indicate broken or leaky pipes. Be sure you know what you’re getting into before it starts pouring, and everything gets harder to fix. How steep is the driveway? You don’t want to be slipping around trying to get out for work during a big storm.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to meet potential new neighbors to get inside information on how the street handles rain. Be sure to ask if new construction is planned for the spring.

Follow our tips to be sure a new home will suit your needs through all four seasons.

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