Visit Endangered Species That Call Portland Home at the Zoo

Elephants call Portland home.Get wild at Oregon Zoo, where 59 endangered and threatened species call Portland home. Visitors enter through the Great Northwest and continue into Pacific Shores and Asia, wandering through Fragile Forests and into Africa. Oregon Zoo Foundation’s mission is to educate the public while providing homes for rare, endangered and threatened species from around the world – almost 2,000 animals total. The zoo is part of 21 Species Survival Plans.

Portland’s zoo is currently undergoing exciting renovations. The zoo recently completed Elephant Lands and Condors of Columbia and will soon open an education center, polar bear habitat, primate habitat and rhino habitat.

The zoo hosts special events throughout the year, including an outdoor summer concert series, Halloween extravaganza, sleepovers, nature walks and naturalist lectures.

Oregon Zoo is open every day except for Christmas and is located at 4001 SW Canyon Road in Portland next to Washington Park and hot metro Portland real estate. Visitors can bring their own food and drinks from their Portland home or eat at any of the three restaurants serving hamburgers, ice cream and popcorn. On the second Tuesday of every month, admission is only $4 per person.

For maps and information on admission pricing and upcoming events, visit Oregon Zoo.

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