Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips for Your Portland Home

Decorate your Portland home with eco style.Many homeowners are looking for ways to make their Portland home more eco friendly. This has become very important as we have become more aware of our carbon footprint. There are many ways that we can all choose environmentally friendly options for our home that still keep it looking stunning and comfortable. Here are a few ideas to help make informed choices for your Portland home.

Look for organic fibers and recycled materials when choosing new products for your home. Hemp, bamboo, tencel, wool, and organic cotton are great choices for things like rugs, linens, curtains, and pillows. These materials are generally friendly to the environment and even hold up better to wear and everyday life. There are many who upcycle used furniture or create beautiful backsplashes and doors out of recycled glass or other materials. Sustainably harvested bamboo flooring is also a great choice when considering installing new hardwoods.

Look for low VOC in paints, finishes, and carpets. This will help keep chemicals released into the air at a minimum during home improvement projects.

Keep as many indoor and outdoor trees and plants and possible. These make lovely natural decorations and help clean the air around your metro Portland real estate.

Be sure that your home is well insulated, so as to not waste heating and cooling fuels and also choose energy efficient bulbs for lighting such as LED. Motion detecting light fixtures are also a great way to save energy.

By making a few small changes around the home and keeping these tips in mind when making home improvement choices, we can help cut our own costs and be kind to the environment.

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