Tips for Getting a Portland Home Ready to Sell

Get your Portland home ready to sell.Selling a home is an intensely emotional experience for many people. Most of us form an attachment to the place we’ve lived in. However, in order to be successful in selling a Portland home, we advise our clients to be clear-headed and think of things from the perspective of a buyer.

First of all, it’s important to price your home in accordance with market conditions. Metro Portland real estate is a crowded market, and if your home is too expensive in comparison to similar homes, most people will just skip your listing altogether. The price you paid for the house isn’t relevant to determining the selling price. Current market conditions are.

Next, get the house into saleable condition. This means cleaning, decluttering, repairing and sprucing up the interior and exterior. New paint and light fixtures are inexpensive ways to brighten up the house and make it feel bigger. If you have pets, try to find a boarding situation for them during the selling process. Not everyone loves animals, and not having to deal with vacuuming up pet hair will lower your stress level. Most real estate agents find that houses sell faster when the owners have made the house feel more like a hotel, with neutral paint and furniture.

Be honest about potential issues. If buyers find out that the foundation of the house is in bad shape or that there are other big problems, this could mean that they back out of a deal or demand you fix the issue. Home sellers look dishonest when they don’t disclose the true state of their house, and this can give a bad reputation very quickly. Getting a pre-sale home inspection can help you determine how to proceed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Finally, be accommodating about scheduling showings for your Portland home. It’s more comfortable for most buyers to view the house without the current owner present. Being flexible about showings will bring a lot of good will to the negotiating table, too.

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