Portland Home Furnace Maintenance Tips

Practice good maintenance of your Portland home furnace.Preparing for the cold winter months is very important for all who own a Portland home. By taking the time to keep up on proper maintenance and being mindful of the changing seasons, homeowners can get the most life and efficiency out of their furnaces. By far, the most important and easiest part of furnace maintenance is regularly changing the filter. Different brands will have their own recommendations, so consult the owner’s manual of yours to be sure. A general rule of thumb is to change the filter once every three months for a typical home. However, if you have pets or allergies, you will probably want to change it every other month or even once a month. Especially if your furnace is a newer unit, this is all that should need to be done. The older your furnace gets, the better idea it is to call a professional out to your Portland home to give your furnace thorough inspection.

Even though it may not be a first thought, it is very important to read through your furnace’s owner’s manual. This will give all metro Portland real estate owners a better idea about what they should be doing each year to make sure their furnace runs efficiently and lasts the longest. Some of the biggest problems that homeowners have with furnaces are actually because of improper installation or choosing a unit that is the wrong size for their home. Be sure to go with well rated and trusted professionals when choosing someone to install or service your furnace.

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  1. You made an interesting point about how different brands of furnaces will have their own maintenance recommendations. It’s a good thing that I read that now that I’m buying a new furnace. Going through these manufacture recommendations will help me know how to maintain my new furnace differently than my old one. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Checking my owners manual about how I should maintain my furnace seems like great advice. I can see how there are certain brands have have different air filter requirements. I’m sure that’s something I need to read up on since I have two long hair cats. They shed a lot, so I can imagine that all of that extra hair and allergens would get trapped in my air filter. It might need to be changed more often than every three months, so I’ll be sure to consult the owners manual for my furnace.

  3. Good tip to not neglect the manual. You may see something that you missed the first time and it could save you from making a big mistake during your maintenance.

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