Foodies Who Live in Portland Will Love Eat Adventures Food Tours

Live in Portland and learn the food scene.Eat Adventures Food Tours offer a great way to learn about the city of Portland and indulge in samples of its tastiest cuisine. Tours here are unique in that participants move from place to place in the comfortable “Eat Van”. This mode of transportation creates a casual and cozy atmosphere, perfect for interacting with the host and absorbing their knowledge of the city. Three main options are available for those who live in Portland or are new to the area and focus on wine tasting, food carts and upscale dining.

The Portland Urban Winery Tour focuses on wine tasting at its best. Chauffeured to first class local wineries, participants indulge in three separate samplings and delicious snacks while exploring the history of Pacific Northwest vineyards. Recommended for newcomers and tourists, the Portland Food Carts and Neighborhoods Tour navigates the city, showing patrons various neighborhoods and the best food cart businesses. Learning the lay of the land will help newbies find their way back to the Portland property where their their newest favorite food is waiting. The “Best of Portland” Tour has a bit of everything in it for those who live in Portland including visits to breweries, food carts and fine dining spots. Visit Eat Adventures Food Tours today to schedule a tour today.

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