Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Portland Home

Improve the curb appeal of your Portland home.Curb appeal can add a great amount of value to your Portland home. Curb appeal not only makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, it can also increase the value by up to 17%. There are many small and big improvements that you can do to really make your house shine as people drive by to check it out.

Update your front door as well as your garage door. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can do wonders, but often times it is a good idea to go ahead and replace the doors. A steel or fiberglass front door can be very attractive to a home buyer. There are also many choices for garage doors these days. Boring is out, and choosing a garage door that really fits the style of your home and makes a statement is in.

Make the front of your home look inviting through updated and improved lighting and adding furniture to the front porch. Help potential buyers feel safe by installing lamp posts that line the front walkway leading up to your Portland home, or choosing a new and modern light for your porch. Also help them envision being cozy and drinking coffee on the front porch with a bistro table or pair of rocking chairs.

A final idea is to spruce up the landscaping outside your metro Portland real estate. Plant some new flowers, pull weeds, care for your grass, and trim trees and shrubberies to make the yard look beautiful and orderly. Also consider adding a low-height fence to make the yard look longer and create an evident boundary around the property.

Take the time to really make sure the outside of your house shines before putting it on the market. First impressions are often very important in making a sale and getting the best price for your property.

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