Tips to Spruce Up Your Portland Home: Living Room Edition

Get new curtains for your Portland home.There are many simple and cost effective ideas to revitalize one of the most used rooms in your Portland home, the living room. A no brainer to breathe new life into your living room is to choose new curtains. However, an idea you may not have considered is to use shower curtains to make over your windows. These are often less expensive than window curtains, often more durable, and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. Many will work straight away on your current curtain rods, or a small amount of modification can make them the perfect fit for your Portland home.

Another idea that is making a comeback these days is to add glass accent pieces to your living space. That does not mean you need to dig up kitschy old vases and knickknacks, unless that’s the look you’re going for. For a more sleek look, add a tasteful etched glass door to an entryway, new coffee table, or a glass art piece to a bookcase can really make a difference. A final idea to enhance your metro Portland real estate is to change the color pattern in your living room. Change drab browns and tans into vibrant oranges or reds. Look around other parts of your home to find items that will match the new color scheme. Purchase new accent pillows to make a neutral couch pop, and choose storage containers for children’s toys other other items stored in the living room to match as well. With just a little thought and a small amount of money, homeowners can create a living space that will make you feel happy and relaxed and impress guests with your good taste.

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