Outdoor Enthusiasts Who Live in Portland Enjoy Forest Park

Live in Portland and go to Forest Park.If you live in Portland or nearby, embrace nature at Forest Park and feel your spirit rejuvenate. With over five thousand acres of glorious wilderness there is plenty of outdoor space to explore. Located at NW 29th Avenue and Upshur Street to Newberry Road, the park has a multitude of trails and pathways waiting for you to explore. Hikers, whether expert or novice will find walkways to satisfy them. There are also expert led hiking excursions designed to educate participants about Forest Park, its resident animals and their surrounding habitats. During these Forest Park Discovery Hikes, staff naturalists and volunteers help hikers spot local birds and creatures while learning the history of the land.

Explore Untamed Portland Property

Equestrians who live in Portland can enjoy the scenic views from uptop their horses on designated trails. Bicyclists will find their own marked trails to ride upon as well. Forest Park hours are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Take an early morning hike as the sun rises or a wind down the day watching a glorious sunset on this seemingly never ending Portland property.

Portland residents should consider becoming a part of the Forest Park Conservatory. Volunteers find plenty of opportunities to assist in the conservation and maintenance of beautiful Forest Park. Experience this natural wonderland today. Visit Forest Park online to get more information about hiking, horseback riding, and other activities.

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