What We Loved at Street of Dreams 2016: Art Imitating Nature

street of dreams 2016 fireplace

Recently, our team ventured to Street of Dreams 2016 in West Linn to get a look at out this year’s selection of homes to see what real estate trends are happening in the luxury market and to get some inspiration for our own homes. We wanted to get some unique perspectives on each of the homes, so we enlisted each of our buyers agents to write a blog post about the things they liked the most.

Melissa Messner is one of the newest agents on our team and always brings her unique perspective to everything. Read below to learn more about some of her favorite things she saw at Street of Dreams. 

I was fascinated with all of the unique ways that Street of Dreams 2016 brought art and nature into the homes as an organic integral feature. Some of my favorite features included a rain wall, a stone outdoor shower, amazing floor to ceiling windows that opened completely creating access to the views and outside. But what captured my eye and heart the most was the art often celebrating nature that was interlaced throughout the homes, especially in my favorite home: Quintessence.

street of dreams metal tree

The gorgeous life size metal trees that graced the front of the house almost seemed living and their branched presence resonated in art throughout the house and my favorite feature: the gorgeous open outdoor fireplace that was ringed with metal cattails. This same home had a lovely rain wall and an open shower with a 2,200 pound boulder for seating. It also had my favorite barn door (seen below). This year’s Street of Dreams had an amazing amount of barn doors. The actual barn door was a magnificent piece of art.

Street of Dreams 2016 barn doorIt is such a celebration of the environment that it is the largest luxury home in Oregon to earn platinum level Earth Advantage Certification. Heating and cooling are estimated to be only $200 a month for this amazing 6,275 square foot home. Beauty, art, nature and function all make this a house that I can’t stop dreaming about.

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