Vendor Spotlight: SONS Carpet Cleaning

Being in real estate, we see all sorts of homes every day. Since we see so many homes, we’re also often relied upon to be a trusted source of information for clients who need things done at their home or related to their homes.

We wanted to share some of our favorite people and companies we know and trust to help clients with whatever they need. These aren’t companies we’ve asked for money to pay to promote them, these are the people we trust with our own homes when we need their help.

First up is Son’s Carpet Cleaning, a company we trust to always do outstanding work when cleaning our carpets or our clients carpets. Click read more to learn more about them, and as a bonus to our readers, they’re offering a promo to our great readers.

Tell us about what you do and how long you’ve been in the industry
We are a small family owned and operated carpet & upholstery cleaning company. Bryan is a 2nd generation carpet cleaner & has been servicing the Portland/Vancouver areas since 2003.

How does your service help homeowners who are getting ready to sell their home or moving into a brand new home?
Whether it’s helping prepare a home for market or for a new family we pride ourselves on making sure the carpeted areas are looking their absolute best. Helping them save money by not having to replace the carpets.

What do you do to make your company stand above the competition?
As a 2nd Generation Cleaner I pride myself on what I have been taught over the last 30 years. With a Father still in business as Cascade Carpet Cleaning in Central Oregon it has become second nature to provide to those I serve the highest quality product I can at the best price possible.

I enjoy helping those I serve either maintain their quality of life or in some cases make it better. I invite my customer to stick around and watch “the show” so to speak. For some, the results are something they never thought possible and that is a fantastic feeling.

Bryan has been so gracious to offer any 3 areas (up to 500 sq ft) for $115, good till Feb 1st 2017 when you mention this vendor spotlight. Contact him today by calling 503-449-8743 or visit SONS website.

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  1. Having a clean and presentable home makes a big difference when putting your house on the market. I remember when I moved here to Oregon when I was 8. One of the house my parents looked at was a mess. I told my mom I don’t want to live in this house. So even the little people notice these things.

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