Matterport Virtual Reality: The Future Is Here

Have you ever seen a house that looked so beautiful from the outside that you just had to see what it looked like inside? Maybe it’s even been on the market and you’ve been tempted to call your favorite Real Estate agent (hopefully that’s us!) to get a tour and see inside. Thanks to the Matterport camera, we’re getting even closer to being able to feel like you’re inside of a home while being nowhere near the actual home.

We’ve talked before about how our Matterport 3D camera allows a user to view a full 360° view of an entire home from any computer in the world. We include Matterport tours with every one of our listings to ensure that every listing gets viewed by the maximum number of potential buyers.

Recently, Matterport added another layer to the camera technology when they added Virtual Reality capabilities to the 3D showcases. This not only allows anyone anywhere to view the home, but allows them to immerse themselves in a full virtual reality experience.

If you’re interested in taking a spin on this great new piece of technology it’s actually quite simple. If you’ve got an Android phone, and you’ve got a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard headset you just have to download the Matterport VR app, go to this link, and you’ll be seeing our listing at 649 NW Alpine in full VR.

Don’t quite have all those things? That’s ok because we’d be happy to give you a personal introduction to the VR experience with the Matterport camera.

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