First Thursday, May 1st

Maria Huppi Mouth Painting 1Join us for first Thursday from 6-9PM at our office to meet Maria Huppi and see her art.  818 NW 14th Ave. in the Pearl District across the street from REI:

Maria Huppi Mouth Painting 3I am a mouth painting artist. I became a quadriplegic in 2000 when a wind storm caused a tree to fall on the roof of our minivan. My passion for painting started when my mother gave me a paint by numbers kit, expanded when she showed me cards from the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (vdmfk.com) and continues to grow to this day.  My inspiration comes from a beautiful garden and pond, where we have added goldfish and koi. Watching the flowers, koi and goldfish have not only provided peaceful therapy but also color and movement which inspire me to recreate with paint.  ~Maria Huppi

 Maria Huppi Mouth Painting 2


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