Will I Need a Home Energy Score in Portland?

The Home Energy Score is coming to Portland on January 1, 2018.  At that time, all homes listed for sale (including For Sale By Owners (FSBO)) will need to have a score before being advertised for sale. There are two determinants as to whether a property requires the Score: property type and location.

Property Type: All “Covered Buildings” are required to have a score.  Long story short is that all single family homes need a score.  More complicated are condos: from what I read below, if you have neighbors above or below you, you do not need a score, otherwise you do.  From the City’s Administrative Rules:

“Covered Building” or “Home” means any residential structure containing at least one dwelling unit or house, regardless of size, on its own lot. Covered building also includes an attached single dwelling unit, regardless of whether it is located on its own lot, where each unit extends from foundation to roof, such as a row house, attached house, common-wall house, duplex, or townhouse. A covered building is defined based on the type of structure and physical qualities, regardless of the ownership or whether the property is privately held or part of a home owner’s association or other ownership arrangement. Covered building does not include multiple housing units that are stacked vertically, such as an apartment or multifamily structure. Covered building also does not include detached accessory dwelling units or manufactured dwellings, such as mobile homes or residential trailers. Covered building also does not include single dwelling units used solely for commercial purposes.

Energy Score Look UpLocation: The rule only applies to properties in the City of Portland.  www.PortlandMaps.com is the best source to make the determination.  Enter the property address and look for “Portland” in the jurisdiction.

If you meet both requirements, you need a score.

For more information, see this post.

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